Who are we?

decomplect is a software consultancy based out of Pune, India.

We work closely with our customers to deliver software using the principles of continuous delivery.

We speak at tech conferences around the world.

We are the creators of Dev To Prod, a series of videos on topics from DevOps and continuous delivery.

We love to give back to the community. We taught a workshop on infrastructure automation at Garden City Ruby Conf 2016 in Bangalore. We are also workshop sponsors at Deccan Ruby Conf 2016 in Pune.

We contribute to open source.

We are building a tribe of passionate programmers. Would you like to work with us?

Our talks

EuroClojure 2015

RootConf 2015

Functional Conf 2014

RubyConf India 2013

On growth

Most business want to grow! Growth is hard, because it comes with growing pains. You might be having a hard time scaling your team, or maybe your infrastructure can't cope with customer demand? These are good problems to have, it means you are building something that people want. We are here to help. We work with customers to deliver software that destroys bottlenecks and enables growth.

On aging well

It is estimated that 80% of the time, effort and money spent on IT is spent on maintaining legacy systems. Legacy systems are characterized by being hard to change. One of our missions is to write software that lives forever - ever changing, ever evolving. We are passionate about keeping software 'soft'.

This is easier said than done. It requires being careful and deliberate about modeling your domain. It requires teasing out concepts that are independent and then composing them together to create valuable software. We believe in hammock-driven development, we like to take some time up front to figure out the 'why', before jumping into the 'how'. We like to use the right tools for the job.

Who should hire us?

You are a startup, who has found or wants to find product-market fit. You understand that software is your competitive advantage, and you believe in investing in good quality software. We can help by delivering modular software with a continuous delivery pipeline. Read about how we helped iterate and find product-market fit...

You are an established enterprise, and you've identified bottlenecks to growth. You believe that 'software is eating the world' and you want to invest in tools that will give you the edge over your competition. You realize that most software does not age well, it becomes increasingly painful and costly to maintain. We can help by being laser focused on modularity and maintainability as we deliver tools to power your business. Read about how we are working with a Fortune 500 (details under NDA) enterprise to help them move to a micro-service architecture...

You are a small business that has a fairly specialized workforce and problem domain. The off-the-shelf tools don't cut it for you, because they don't speak your language. You want the tool to be designed for your people, rather than forcing your people to learn something that doesn't really fit. Read about how we worked with Icon Analytical Systems to build a custom CRM system for their sales force.

Customer Stories

Product-market fit for a startup

We worked with to find product-market fit. This included setting up the engineering organization to enable continuous delivery. Specifically, we helped setup code review processes (Github PR's), continuous integration (Circle CI), release automation (Github Releases) and cloud infrastructure (AWS). We also helped the team make tech choices and architect their backend for scale.

Micro-services at a large enterprise organization

We are working with a large enterprise to help them with their transition from monolithic services to independent micro-services. This includes setting up a continuous delivery pipeline for each service by making it independently testable and releasable. The micro-services are based on OpenShift.

Custom CRM for a small business

We worked with Icon Analytical to create a custom CRM tailored to their needs. We continue to incorporate their feedback into the system, thereby creating a living, breathing software that is flexible and continues to change. We used React.js for the frontend and Ruby on Rails for the backend.

How We Work

We practice continuous delivery

We ensure that changes to your software can be made reliably, repeatably and quickly by using tools and techniques from the world of DevOps.

We are lean

Building the right thing is the single most important challenge for business stakeholders. We help you adopt the scientific method of trying small experiments to figure out what works. We focus on building software iteratively with a strong feedback loop from customers.

The story of how the Wright Brothers built the first airplane, is testament to the fact that structuring your venture as a series of small, cheap experiments allows you to learn a lot about your domain, and enables you to design solutions with real, practical impact.

Quoted from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

The genius of Wilbur and Orville lay not only in the singular act of getting a flying machine into the air, but also in the approach they evolved and employed to create the technology of flight. Their method of evaluating data gathered by testing an aircraft in flight, then refining the design based on those results, remains an essential tool in aerospace research and development.

Work with us?

We want to build a collective of creators - programmers, designers, business people - if you want to make things, you'll like it here!

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